How blogging helps with student reflection

Unlike writing an assignment, essay or report a blog is written quickly and is an immediate reflection an expression to your thoughts that is written quickly and published almost instantly. Blogging also allows for a personal touch and opinion on a subject matter to be discussed and is a far more relaxed and informal way of writing. For students this can sometimes be an outlet and a way to learn in a different style. blogging1-wyqx1m

  1.  Daily blogging helps writing with confidence
  2. Improves your research techniques and pushes you to read and research topics  outside the classroom wallscropped-write2
  3. Enables immediate feedback and comments from your readers
  4. Blogging requires a different level of thinking and makes you think outside the box on a 3 dimensional level.
  5. Allows you to channel your views and gives you a clear sense of direction
  6. Students can write about what interests them the most and what they have learnt
  7. Blogging allows students to write with a personal touch and voice their own opinion without the worry of their work being assessed or marked
  8. Reflective blogging allows students to write in the way they would in the real world.
  9. writing for an audience makes you articulate and rationalise your work
  10. Add hyperlink to signpost where external reading may be required
  11. If your a creative learner then blogging is a great way express your learning through an interactive blog using visual aids such as video’s and images.
  12. Blogging lets student improve their literacy by articulating and analyse their work.
  13. Student blogging allows the student to create their own identity


Overall, I think blogging is a great way to reflect on what you have learnt expressing your own opinion. It is also a more informal way to remember what was discuss allowing you to look back and read through your ideas and theories in a way which is suited to your own learning. Saying this blogging isn’t for everyone and some people may find it difficult to write their thoughts and opinions down.


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